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Saturday, June 23, 2018

My Must Have Hair Product + Review ! Lux Luminique + Pantene 3 minute Miracle + Loreal Extraordinary Oil ( Not Sponsored )

Hello! Back with another post this time and is finally about my must have hair product 2018! Many have asked me how i keep my hair healthy for all these years but I couldn't really share what hair product which I think is really good until i could not live without. But recently, after so so many years I've finally found it! So I can't wait to make a post about it and share with you all! 

A short briefing about my hair, I've always have long dark brown hair and it was always very healthy until I've only dyed my hair for the 1st time last year when i was 21 lol Yes very late i know. The reason why I didn't dye my hair was because I always hear people complaining how their hair turned very dry after dyeing them and also people who literally tell me not to dye my hair saying I'll regret it due to the side effect. But as a youngster/teenager I've always wanted to try dying my hair to light brown or even colourful colours. So I've made a big step by dying my dark brown hair to light brown when I was 21! But as months pass by with constantly exposing my hair to heat by curling my hair and also re-dying my hair for a few a times, I've finally experienced dry hair! Hair will tangled up and frizzy after blow drying despite I've already put hair oil and hair conditioner! So I tried a lot of different hair products that says to help dry hair in the market, from drugstores to high end products but still i couldn't find the perfect product for my hair until now! 

I've discovered these product through a Taiwanese Beauty Channel when these products are being introduced and was raved by the hair stylist in the show so I was really tempted to try but it wasn't in the market in Malaysia yet. So I've waited for it to launch and I've tried it and to my surprise it did not disappoint me at all! ( I've gone through several bottles of it already for my hair conditioner & hair oil ) 

With such a long intro its finally time for us to get into the product ! 


 Hair Shampoo - LUX Luminique Volume Shine

Tbh I've only used this product for a few months now due to it only just launched a few months ago, but I'm not gonna lie that this is actually the cure for my dry hair! I chose the volume shine one instead of the one for dry hair cause i thought my hair needed more volume but I was so surprised when i only used this hair shampoo for the 1st time to wash my hair without any hair conditioner or hair oil, my hair turned out silky smooth and not frizzy at all! Most importantly, my hair ends were not dry and feels really moisturised. I thought it was just me trying trick myself into it due to me getting it because it was raved by the hair stylist and I really trust her. So I tried to wash my hair again without my hair conditioner and hair oil and the outcome is the same! Its so amazing! 

They have 3 types of shampoo catered to your need : 

Just for your information, I've switched to Non-silicone hair shampoo because it is so much better for the environment. But I've tried other non silicone hair shampoo before, it doesn't lather much foam so I feel like i didn't really clean my hair well. But this product is non-silicone and still lathers very well! best of both worlds! 


Hair conditioner - Pantene 3Minute Miracle 

Indeed a miracle! You don't even need 3 minute to get silky smooth hair! It goes so perfectly with the Lux hair shampoo as it leaves a sweet floral smell to your hair every time you use it! I've gone through several of these ever since It launched and most importantly Its not expensive !

Hair oil - Loreal Extraordinary Oil Elseve Gold 3 in 1 for Normal and Dry Hair 

Love using this on damp hair before blow drying and also after drying. It makes a really huge different if you apply it on damp hair before blow drying as it really helps reduce tangles. Moreover, It also leaves a really sweet and floral scent on ur hair! I was once complimented that my hair smells really nice and thought that i used a perfume! (I've Also gone through a few of these already!)

Tips and tricks : Buy hair products that leaves similar scent if not it might smell weird if its not. Besides, if you are using perfume also bare in mind to use similar scent as ur hair too! I'm more of a girl that likes fresh hair smell instead of using perfume. 

That's all for this long post of my must have hair products! If you tried my combination or you have your must have hair products feel free to share it with me I would love to know too! 

You can purchase them here :
Lux Luminique Hair Shampoo 
Pantene 3 minute Miracle Hair Conditioner
Loreal Extraordinary Elseve Gold Hair Oil 

Thanks for reading!

Till next time!

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

5 days 4 nights in Bangkok!

Hello! I'm back with a vacation post after soooo many years. Its my first time ever to go to Bangkok, the shopping heaven! I went with my mom, her colleague and sisters. Its been a crazy shopping trip as if clothes are free we just grab whatever we want when we see it lol. Here's a summary post of my 5 days trip there, get ready to have a journey to Bangkok with me!

Day 1
We sat a 9am plane and arrive DMK, bangkok airport at 11pm. We booked a van to our hotel (because there was 5 of us). Its much cheaper this way around 1100batt to the hotel. Our hotel, A2 House is situated in the alley where it is walking distance to Pratunam Market, Platinum Mall and Shibuya Mall. Its a little scary when you 1st saw it but I promise you its super cheap, clean and affortable hotel for 5 days, totally recommend it. ( I forgot to take photo of the room, Sorry. ) After we arrived and checked in to the hotel, me and mom went to have lunch then walk around platinum mall. We dare not buy anything there yet cause we are afraid there might be cheaper clothes in chatuchak market haha. Went back to the hotel at 7pm and have dinner bought from 7 eleven. Their food in 7 eleven is just so good even just by microwaving it! Slept straight because we were so tired.

In Bangkok or any where of Thailand, the best place for food is always roadside!! ( Worth the diarrhea lol jk ) you won't really get it.
 Found this shopping mall-ish place inside Pratunam Market

Lots of food trucks outside Platinum mall.

Got this from 7 Eleven!
Day 2
Woke up early at 8am, had their local people's mixed rice because it looks really good. After that, we went to Pratunam Market to walk around to survey prices. Just a short info about the market is that it opens at 4am - 5pm, its super duper huge market, and most of the stalls offers you to buy 3pcs and above if you want to get wholesale price. Me and my mom got lost and we couldn't find back the entrance that we came from. We ended up using Waze to help us get back haha. After resting awhile in the hotel, we went to Asiatique to meet up with my cousin's wife and her family. ( we last minute found out that there were also going ). We wanted to save taxi money so we walked to the station called "Siam" to sit their BTS/Air Train. It was 15mins walk from our hotel and we also get to pass by Siam paragon. To get to Asiatique you can sit from "Siam" station to "Saphan Taksin" station. It was a crazy idea walking but we made it hahaha. You need to sit boat to Asiatique which you can once see when you get down at "Saphan Taksin" station. You only need to pay 20Batt per person to sit the speed boat because the queue to free boat ride there is way to long.

The place is really worth going for the vibes and photos. We were lucky because there was a rave party going on so we were able to listen to musics. We even went on the ferris wheel to see the rave party from above. Seriously, I'm not sure if I should be able to see Bangkok's night view because i dont remember seeing any because I was too scared throughout the 3 rounds on the ferris wheel lol.

Yesssss its local Thailand mixed rice!! Super good I swear by it! Had it 2 days in a row for breakfast!! Missing it! 

They have churros in Mcd?! 

Walked over a bridge and passed by this river while walking to Siam Paragon

On the boat ride to Asiatique!

Super pretty handcrafted gift cards. Bought 1 to write wishes for my brother who is leaving to London to further his studies.

The rave party!!
Day 3
Woke up super early today because its finally time to go Chatuchak! I've been longing to go this place after hearing so much good feedback. Chatuchak market is a market that cleverly divide its streets to many different categories such as fashion street, pets street, potery streets, art streets and so on. It was too big to finish it in one day ( Shameful to say, we only knew this when we are back in KL lol ). So we went there at 9am, everything was still setting up. We went into the potery street 1st and then art streets and we lastly found the fashion street. But by then we were too tired because the weather was pretty hot and there were too many people so it was stuffy!!

We then escaped and called a cab to the Little Zoo Cafe! We were super unlucky to met a bad cab driver who drives recklessly and then randomly dropped us at a road side near a stadium instead of a cafe and asked us to walk towards the stadium!! ( Not sure if he misunderstood or he's lazy to fetch us ) We ended up walking towards the stadium....But after that we met a really good local guy at the exihibition hall that helped us to call a cab and finally brought us there. People who major loves animal would die coming to this cafe because I died inside. ITS SUPERRRRR WORTH IT! The food is great and the animals are sooo cute! You get to touch animals ranging from cats, kitten, dogs ( corgi! ) parrots to exotic animal like foxes!! It was pretty hard to say goodbye when its time to leave.. :'(

Must Have!! But this store's mango sticky rice and juice is just okay not really good.

Little Zoo Cafe!! 

 Day 4
Finally the 2nd last day of Bangkok, means we have finished surveying the prices and concluded that Pratunam Market is the best place to shop! So basically on this day, we shopped till we dropped at Pratunam Market and also Platinum Mall hahahaha. We were lucky that we stay near there, so we constantly buy and bring it back to the hotel, then came back down to continue shop again. Did nothing much worth talking for today but shopping hahaha. We went for a nice leg massage after dinner before sleep.

Day 5
Last day of Bangkok, went to do our last shopping in Pratunam Market. Then went to the airport at
1.30 (Thai time). Flew back at 6pm.

That's the end of my Bangkok trip post! Missing that trip already while writing this post D:
Anyways I hope this post can help 1st timer like me on your Bangkok trip!

Thanks for reading!

Till next time!

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